How to Get Rid of Ear Mites in Cats in Dunedin, FL

Ear mites are highly contagious parasites that are often found in cats and dogs. While mites can affect your pet’s entire body, they are more likely to appear in your dog’s ears, because of the humidity and darkness where they can continue to breed and thrive. 

If you have noticed that your cat is scratching furiously at their ears, it may be time to get them to your vet. Sometimes, though, it is not necessary to use a vet to get rid of the ear mites. But be as proactive as possible, when these parasites continue to grow in population, it becomes even harder to kill all of them and bring relief to your poor kitten.

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What Are Ear Mites?

Ear mites are not easily seen by the naked eye. They are super tiny parasites that are dark brown, red, or black. These sticky parasites cling onto the skin of your pet and bite them, causing skin irritation and bleeding. Sometimes, when the bites are exposed to bacteria and dirt, your cat can develop a nasty ear infection that is hard to manage.

The entire life cycle of an ear mite happens in your cat’s ear canal. They lay their eggs on the fine hair in your cat’s ears and feast on skin oils and ear wax. This is a problem because ear wax is designed to naturally clean and take care of your cat’s ear. If something is eating away at the ear wax, there is nothing in the way to stop the spread of bacteria and other foreign objects that can cause permanent and extremely painful damage to your cat’s ears.

Symptoms of Ear Mite Bites in Dunedin, FL

It is rather easy to know when your cat has ear mite bites and an infestation. Usually, it is not necessary to go to the vet, but if you have concerns always trust your gut and take your cat to the vet.

Your cat will have dark and waxy marks throughout their ear. If you see your cat shaking their head as quickly as possible, this can be a sign that they are trying to find relief from the itchiness and irritation caused by the ear mite bites.

Physically, you may never see an ear mite move. Instead, you will likely know that ear mites are in your cat’s ears because of the constant scratching, red irritation, ear infections, and dark marks produced by the ear mites.

Different Ways to Get Rid of Ear Mites

As soon as you know that your cat has ear mites, you must take care of the problem as soon as possible. If you don’t, the infestation can continue to grow and bother your cat or even spread to other animals in your home. Listed below are multiple ways you can treat ear mites at home.

Clean Your Cat’s Ears

The first step in treating ear mites and ear infections, regardless of what medication you will be using, is to properly clean your cat’s ears. To do this, you will need a wet rag and a dry rag. While you can buy cleaning solutions at pet stores and drug markets, it is better to use water so that the bites don’t get further irritated by the chemicals.

With the wet wrap, gently clean and wipe the inside of your cat’s ear. Do not try and go too far or stick anything inside of your cat’s ear canal as it is super sensitive. You can accidentally burst your kitten’s eardrums, worsening the problem. Always dry your cat’s ears after cleaning them with water.

Apply Ear Mite Medicine

Some medications work to kill ear mites, while also relieving pain and irritation caused by their bites. The medications usually come in a cream developer or a small dropping solution. Consult your cat’s veterinarian before choosing a medication and read the instructions as thoroughly as possible.

Flea Products

While fleas and mites are two different types of things, sometimes when your cat has fleas, this attracts parasitic mites. Try and regularly use anti-flea products on your cat’s fur at least once a month. You should only use this treatment method, though, if you live in a regularly warm and sunny area. The more heat and humidity where you live, the higher chances your cats will have of developing flea or mite infestations.

Do You Think Your Cat May Have Ear Mites? Reach Out to our Dunedin, FL, Animal Hospital

Ear mites can be seriously painful for our dear cat friends. Instead of waiting for the problem to worsen or go away on its own, you should help your cat find relief by looking for medications and treatments that work for them. It is a lot easier to call your local vet and speak to a professional about possible over-the-counter treatments.

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