Cat & Dog Teeth Cleaning in Dunedin

The best way to keep your pet healthy is to invest in a long-term pet dental care plan. Like us, dogs and cats can be prone to gingivitis, tooth decay, dental disease, and other problems if they don’t have their teeth cleaned frequently. At Paws and Claws Animal Medical Center, we’re dedicated to helping Dunedin pets keep their pearly whites for life. With cat & dog teeth cleaning, every pet can have a cleaner, healthier smile. Call us at (727) 953-6588 to schedule a teeth cleaning today!

dog teeth cleaning in dunedin, fl

We aim to take the stress out of pet dental care. Request an appointment with your veterinarian so we can talk about the options available to you and your pet.

vet cleaning dog's teeth

Why Pets Need Anesthetic Dental Cleanings

The safest and least stressful way to clean your pet’s teeth and gums is to do so while they are under anesthesia. This gives us time to examine each tooth one by one and check the pockets around the teeth. It also allows our veterinary team to be as thorough as possible when removing plaque, tartar, and calculus.

Our Commitment to Safety

To increase safety, we:

  • Recommend pre-anesthetic blood work for pets under 5 years old, and require it for pets 5 years old and up (checking blood values can alert us to underlying health issues that may need to be addressed before we can perform the dental procedure)

  • Place an IV catheter so we can administer fluids and medications quickly

  • Monitor your pet’s vital signs throughout their dental procedure

Our team is just as concerned about your pet’s safety as you are. If you have any questions about anesthesia you’d like to discuss with us, please call (727) 953-6588.

How We Clean Your Pet’s Teeth

We use hand scaling and ultrasonic scaling tools to remove plaque, tartar, and calculus from the surfaces of your pet’s teeth. This includes going below the gum line, an area where most dental problems tend to hide. After scaling, we polish the enamel smooth to slow new plaque formation and check all of your pet’s teeth again to make sure no plaque or calculus debris have been left behind.

What You Can Do at Home

Teeth brushing is the best treatment you can provide for your pet at home. Daily brushing reduces plaque buildup and increases the time between cleaning procedures at our hospital. However, we also make a point to offer easy preventative care options if brushing is not possible. This includes dental wipes, dental chews, and more.