Spay and Neuter in Dunedin, FL

A rite of passage for any healthy pet is spay or neuter surgery when they reach the appropriate age. As conventional as spay and neuter surgeries are, their importance cannot be overstated. With millions of dogs and cats in danger of being euthanized every year, we encourage the pet parents of Dunedin and surrounding areas to take proactive (and responsible) measures to prevent unwanted litters and a larger stray animal population in their community. Call us at (727) 953-6588 for a consultation.

spay and neuter dunedin, fl

How Spaying or Neutering Helps Your Pet

Spay and neuter programs save many lives, but they are also beneficial to your pet’s health. With these issues under control, you and your pet can have a healthier, happier life together.


  • No unwanted pregnancies, heat cycle, or spotting
  • No risk of developing breast cancer or ovarian cancer
  • Less likely to develop pyometra, a life-threatening uterine infection
  • Less likely to exhibit unwanted behaviors including vocalizing (mainly cats) and roaming away to find a mate


  • Less likely to become aggressive, particularly when females are in heat
  • No risk of developing testicular cancer
  • Less likely to develop an enlarged prostate
  • Less likely to engage in inappropriate behaviors including mounting, barking, urine marking or spraying, and roaming to find a mate
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Why Pets Should Be Spayed and Neutered Young

Most pets enjoy more benefits from being spayed and neutered when they have their surgery at a young age. Based on your pet’s health history and current state of wellness, we can help you settle on the most appropriate time to have them spayed or neutered. After all, no two pets are the same, and we want to do what’s best for your pet, and for you.

Are Spay and Neuter Surgeries Risky?

All surgeries have their risks; even spay and neuter surgeries. At Paws and Claws Animal Medical Center in Dunedin, we do everything we can to minimize risks as much as possible and guarantee a smooth recovery for all of our patients. If you would like to speak with us in more detail about the process and what to expect before and after your pet’s surgery, feel free to give us a call at (727) 953-6588.