Should I Use a Cat Backpack as a Cat Carrier in Dunedin, FL?

Cat backpacks are adorable and hard to resist, especially when there are so many benefits to them. When you have to store or transport your feisty kitten, you may be happy to find out that you can move them around in a large backpack that provides plenty of space and air.

Cat backpacks are technically a type of cat carrier that can make traveling with a cat easier. With so many cat carrier options, though, it can be hard to find the best option for you and your loving pet. Keep on reading our Dunedin, FL, animal hospital‘s blog post to find out more information about cat backpacks and why they are great cat carriers.

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What Are Cat Backpacks?

A cat backpack is a type of car carrier that you can attach to your back. It works like a backpack; however, instead of storing notebooks, pencils, and other office materials, your cat occupies the space. The sizes differ depending on the brand that makes each cat backpack.

These cat backpacks are also super stylish. You can find them in many colors, patterns, and materials. Always choose a material, though, that is durable, strong, and comfortable for your pet. If your kitten has to stay in the backpack for long periods, it should be comfortable enough to sleep in and eat.

Some cat backpacks and carriers are large enough that you can also fit a temporary cat litter box and food and water bowls. These large backpacks are convenient when you want to travel with your furry friend, but you cannot let them out of their carrier since it is dangerous. 

What are Things That Pet Owners Should Look for in a Cat Carrier?

Responsible pet owners know that no two pet carriers are the same, which means it is good to analyze and compare them before choosing a cat carrier or backpack to use full-time. The first thing you will need to look for is a suitable size. Not all cats are the same size and will need different materials. Make sure to always look at the requirements on the instructions for the cat carriers.

Usually, the sizes range from extra small to extra-large. However, the sizes are looking at the weight of your cat. You do not need to know exactly how much your cat weighs, but a good estimate can help figure out their general size.

Next is the material. Most backpacks are made with strong and durable materials that can withstand regular wear and tear as well as the weather when traveling. Some cats, though, have allergies to certain materials. Try and choose a material that you know your cat won’t struggle with wearing. If you are unsure, do a small patch test with something made with a similar fabric in your home. If your cat reacts with a small rash or irritation, it is best to stay away from the material.

The Benefits of a Cat Backpack

The benefits of using a cat backpack as a carrier outweigh the disadvantages and negatives. First, they are a lot sturdier and can last longer. Not only this, but cat backpacks are lightweight. The lightweight feeling of your cat backpack makes it easier to take your pet on vacation.

For the price you pay, the material is also worth it. The more expensive a cat backpack is, the longer it will last you and your loving cat. The third and most important reason is that cat backpacks are more flexible and comfortable for long travels. Instead of stuffing your cat in a hot plastic cat carrier, you can use a soft and velvety backpack that is easier to sleep in and store.

The Disadvantages of a Cat Backpack

There are also a few negatives or disadvantages to consider before purchasing a cat backpack instead of a cat carrier. First, cat backpacks are more expensive. Since they are more expensive, this does make it hard to afford the object and justify the price.

Another negative to cat backpacks is that they are too flexible. Since many backpacks are only made with fabric, they can bend with your cat inside and lead to injuries if you are not careful enough.

Never leave your cat inside of a cat backpack or carrier for longer than a few hours and especially not under direct sunlight. The hot plastic and fabric materials can heat up and cause heat exhaustion, which is very dangerous. Cat backpacks do have more holes and lighter fabric, but the direct sun can dehydrate your pet quickly.

Ask Our Dunedin, FL, Veterinarians if You Have More Questions About Cat Backpacks

Overall, cat backpacks are a great idea if you are looking to bring your furry friend on your adventures. As long as you purchase a backpack that is the right size, durability, and material, your cat should be happy in their new travel home.

No longer will you need to leave your cat alone or with a pet sitter as you take hikes and walks. Always make sure, though, to carry essentials for your pet like emergency litter boxes, water, and a few light snacks. Never walk with your cat when the sun is too hot, either as it can lead to heat exhaustion.

If you have more questions about cat backpacks, be sure to ask our Dunedin, FL, veterinarians during your cat’s next visit. To schedule your cat’s exam appointment, give our animal hospital a call at (727) 953-6588.