Cat & Dog Surgery in Dunedin, FL

Paws and Claws Animal Medical Center provides excellent surgical care for various acute and chronic health problems. Cat and dog surgeries can also be preventative, reducing the likelihood of certain illnesses in the future. Furthermore, our patients’ needs are diverse, and for your convenience and peace of mind, we’re motivated to meet those needs. Call us today at (727) 953-6588.

Young pup after surgery

What People Say About Us

"The staff at Paws and Claws is a family that treats your animals as their own. They work together with you and your pet to insure the best health decisions are made."

- Dana L.

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Making Surgery as Safe and Painless as Possible

Cat and dog surgeries are safer than ever, and we set our standards high. To guarantee your pet's safety, we provide:

  • A pre-anesthetic exam and blood work recommended for pets under 5 years old and required for pets over 5 years old. We need to examine your pet thoroughly before their surgery to make sure they are healthy and can process the anesthesia safely.
  • Continuous monitoring from a certified technician while your pet is under anesthesia.
  • High-end monitoring equipment that measures your pet’s CO2 outtake, their blood pressure, EKG, and more.
  • A heated IV fluid pump that provides fluids to support your pet’s blood pressure and keep them hydrated.

Our CO2 Surgical Laser

Laser surgery offers additional safety and pain relief for your pet. The CO2 laser:

  • Kills bacteria in its path
  • Allows us to make smaller incisions
  • Cauterizes blood vessels and nerve endings, which reduces bleeding and pain
  • Reduces post-op swelling
  • Ensures less damage to surrounding tissue
  • Makes your pet’s recovery easier
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Surgeries We Offer

Our team can provide various surgeries in our dedicated surgical suite, including:

  • Exploratory surgery
  • Mass removals
  • Growth removals
  • C-sections
  • Ear hematoma repairs
  • ...and more

If your pet needs orthopedic surgery, we can arrange an appointment with a trusted orthopedic surgeon. It’s important to us that you not have to consult with an entirely new veterinarian at an unfamiliar hospital for this service. To find out more, simply call (727) 953-6588!