Many people ask, “What is Leptospirosis?” It is a bacterium that lives in water or warm, wet soil.  Swimming, drinking, or even playing in contaminated water can infect dogs.  However, the most common way dogs become exposed is by coming in contact with urine of an infected animal. The bacteria will enter the dog’s body through the eyes, nose, mouth, or skin-break (scratch or cut).  Once it is in the body, it will infect the kidneys, bladder, and liver. Dogs will start to show signs of being lethargic (no energy), anorexia, and jaundice (skin becomes yellow). According to research, 80% of infected dogs will develop short-term kidney problems; however, antibiotics can be given to treat the kidneys.  Great news, vaccines are available to prevent this bacterial infection. It is a bacterium that is zoonotic (contagious to people) so, vaccinating your furry family member is very important. Call us today and set up a time to vaccinate.