What Kind of Dog Leash is Best for My Dog in Dunedin, FL?

There are dozens of dog leashes to choose from, and not all manufacturers make them for the same purpose. Before choosing which kind of dog leash works best for your dog, you should examine the type of dog you have. Collect pieces of information like your dog’s breed, activity level, age, height, and most importantly, weight.

All the sizes for dog leashes are based on the weight of the dog. If your dog is smaller than ten pounds, it is unlikely they will fit into a dog leash meant for fifty pounds and up. While you can use it, too much force could send your puppy flying and possibly hurt you! 

Read our Dunedin, FL, animal hospital‘s article to find out which dog leash is best for your best friend.

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Common Types of Dog Leashes

Listed below are common types of dog leashes to consider when buying your dog a leash. It is completely normal to change your mind and switch between different types of leashes, especially as your puppy ages and becomes a more mature and better-behaved adult dog.

Standard Leashes

We have all seen the standard leash. This is the leash that almost all dog owners start with. It is the most affordable dog leash to purchase and is perfect for puppies that are still learning how to walk. Standard leashes range from 5 feet long to 20 feet long but can be longer.

Experts do not recommend buying long standard leashes because there are a few disadvantages to using them long-term. For example, standard leashes are not always made with the most durable or strongest material, because they are so cheap. This means that standard leashes will break over time through wear and tear and rough handling. The more pressure you add to a standard leash, the more likely the fabric threads will wither away and break.


Harnesses as a type of leash or collar are becoming more popular. Technically, some people consider harnesses a type of collar instead of a leash since you do not actively hold a harness as you walk your dog. Although this is true, the purpose of a harness is to train dogs to not pull harshly while walking and playing.

There is nothing wrong with having a strong puppy that is excited and full of energy, but too much energy can cause pain and discomfort as a dog pulls and yanks. Instead of paying hundreds of dollars for lessons, you can invest in a harness.

There are two tabs where you can hook a leash for your dog on a harness. On these two tabs, one is mainly for pulling your dog up, while the other forces your dog to slip and slide if they attempt to pull away from you. Harnesses, though, do not work if you do not purchase the right size. You will need to measure your dog’s body before purchasing a harness. If a harness is too big, they can easily slip out of it and run away.

If a harness is too small, though, this can cause the dog to feel a lot of discomforts as the harness squeezes them tightly. You may need to choose an adjustable harness if your dog is in between sizes or still growing.

Rubber or Silicone Leashes

Not all leashes are made with thick strings or fabric, though. Another option for tough dogs is rubber or silicone leashes. These are great if your puppy likes to gnaw and bite at the string leashes. Rubber does not taste good and some companies add different nasty-tasting flavors to the leashes to discourage anxious biting.

Silicone leashes are also a lot easier to wash. If you travel with your dog to the beach or dog park frequently, it may not be a bad idea to invest in a rubber or silicone leash. All you need to do is wipe it and tada, it is clean!

What About Retractable Leashes?

Retractable leashes, sometimes called Flexi-Leashes, are very popular among dog owners. The idea behind them is that they give the owner the ability to lengthen the leash and give their dog more space to walk.

However, our Dunedin, FL, animal hospital does not recommend using a retractable leash, because it takes a lot of control out of your hands, and gives your pet more license to get into things they shouldn’t. Being on a retractable leash can increase your pet’s risk of getting into trouble or even being harmed. A retractable leash is also much thinner than a standard leash, and can cause injury to the owner (and even the dog) if it gets wrapped around an arm or leg.

Another issue with retractable leashes is that instead of having a loop at the end of the leash to give you a secure grip, they are made with a plastic handle that limits the grip and makes it easier for the leash to slip out of your hand.  

In short, retractable leashes are a risky investment and cannot be trusted to operate correctly 100% of the time. All too often, these leashes allow the dog to walk far ahead of their owner, making it harder for the owner to control them.

Reach Out to our Dunedin, FL, Vet If You Have Any Questions About Which Dog Leash is Best for Your Canine

When choosing the right leash for your playful puppy, it is important to choose one that is comfortable to wear, fits perfectly, and can achieve its purpose. You can switch between different leashes as well until you find one that works well for you and your dog. Always keep your pet on a leash as not all dogs are friendly.

If you have any questions about which dog leash would be best for your best friend, be sure to mention this during your dog’s next visit with us, or give our Dunedin, FL, animal hospital a call at (727) 953-6588.